One-Liner Wednesday: Siri(ously)?

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. I swear to you! It happened just last week, when I was driving the six-year-old grandson home from his cheer practice. LJ (in the back seat, on his iPad): Siri, change my nickname. Siri: OK. What do you want me to call you? LJ: Mister Five Nights At Freddie's. Siri:… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday: Siri(ously)?

One-Liner Wednesday — Eating my words.

Back in September of last year when the new iPhone 6 hit the streets and city sidewalks and stores were overrun with consumers in full orgasm, I said something to this effect on my Facebook page: "If I evvvvvv-var wait in line like that to buy some new phone, I give y'all full permission to… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Eating my words.