Why I’ll always have a soft spot for Friday the 13th.

Photo by Justin Campbell @ Unsplash.

Hi, all! I couldn’t resist going back and sharing this post from my very first blog waaay back in the day. It gives me joy, haha.

Hope your Friday, November 13th has been swell!

(Original post 10/31/2007, Writingscape V1.0)

Why I’ll always have a soft spot for Friday the XIII…

Because I was actually choked by “Jason Vorhees” himself! It was awesome.

It was back in the 90s, during the time JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY was coming out, at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair sci-fi convention (the big puppy before DragonCon became legendary). I went up on stage to receive Jason’s hockey mask, which I won a la raffle, and the actor, Kane Hodder, a big, burly dude, was there to sign it for me.

What seemed like the whole auditorium jumped out of their seats yelling, “Yeahhhh!” and started taking pictures. Next thing I know, Mr. Hodder went into character and began throttling me for the cameras. (Man, his hands were HUGE around my neck. At least he didn’t have the machete.) All I could see were flash bulbs going off and the lens of my brother’s camcorder right in my face, an inch from my nose, filming away as I made sort of an ughnnnnnnnn sound.

When he came back to himself, Mr. Hodder let me go and congratulated me on being a good sport. He turned out to be a pretty nice guy, just a good ol’ boy. I love him to death (no pun intended).

Which is more than I can say for the actor who played the original Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Bro and I ended up alone on an elevator with that mountain of a man, and he seriously never broke character. He was so good, just the way he glared at you, as if he smelled fresh meat, sizing up about how much each of your body parts would weigh on a scale, made a person wonder if Leatherface wasn’t a character after all, if ya know what I mean. We’re not easily scared by slasher characters, but my brother and I were counting the seconds before we could get off that elevator.

We were so rattled, we risked life and limb by getting off on the Klingon floor of the hotel. Holy cats.

I’m sure the man laughed his happy @ss off after the doors closed. 😱😅

3 thoughts on “Why I’ll always have a soft spot for Friday the 13th.”

  1. Friday the 13th terrified me, and I never saw the movie. I just saw the commercials (back then they weren’t called trailers) for the movie and that was enough. I just have to hear a few notes of scary music and I turn tail like a timid bunny. But I love the idea of a video of you being done to death by a favorite character.


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