Me On DramaFever. (2016)

UPDATE 10/16/2018: Holy heartbreak! DramaFever’s parent company, Warner Media, shut the site down today with no warning to subscribers. So, needless to say, these links no longer lead to my articles. You can see the titles, cover image, and first few lines on my Pinterest board Me On DramaFever, but that’s about it. I have all my articles on my hard drive, so thankfully I’ll be able to build a library for them if I ever want to.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 😦



I’m a freelance writer for DramaFever, which is now available in over 20 countries. Links to my Pop culture, fashion, Rain (비/Jung Ji Hoon), and special interest news articles are listed below and will be updated weekly.



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[3/31] Please Come Back, Mister PD says Rain and Lee Moon Shik are like castaways on the moon

[2/18] 10 Things you should probably do if you die and come back in Rain’s body

[1/21] Come Back, Mister cast gears up for February 24 premiere