Thank heavens I write. I’m so NOT a filmmaker.

LOL! I just ran into this bittersweet memory from ten years ago and had a good chuckle, y'all. My dear mom β€” we lost her in 2012 to multiple myeloma and breast cancer β€” and me had just finished a post-stem cell transplant follow-up appointment at Emory University Hospital, and we were waiting for Valet… Continue reading Thank heavens I write. I’m so NOT a filmmaker.

One-Liner Wednesday — Guilty as charged.

"You're stuck on the one day she died... instead of celebrating the 10,000 days she lived." β€” Dr. Phil, comforting a mother whose daughter died in 2009 in a car accident, 1/5/2016 I understand that there isn't a time limit on grief. But, the second I heard this ↑ from the TV as I was… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Guilty as charged.