Thank heavens I write. I’m so NOT a filmmaker.

Mother of the Groom: Mama at my baby brother’s wedding reception, and just around the house. (2004)

LOL! I just ran into this bittersweet memory from ten years ago and had a good chuckle, y’all.

My dear mom — we lost her in 2012 to multiple myeloma and breast cancer — and me had just finished a post-stem cell transplant follow-up appointment at Emory University Hospital, and we were waiting for Valet to bring my car around. It’s a doggone shame how technology-challenged I was back then, sheesh. Even Mama (Ms. Old School All The Way) had to laugh at my ineptitude. *sigh*

Thanks for letting me share this silly, precious moment with you.

Originally posted on Writingscape V1.0 (11/4/2009)

Mama updatery: We’re Transplant + 82 days and counting. Our chemo-darkened skin is returning to its natural shade. Our esophagial sores are all gone. Our nausea and fatigue are retreating and our strength and balance are good; we no longer need a wheelchair when arriving for appointments. All the dead skin sloughing off our hands is gone and we only need gloves for in the kitchen (protection from bacteria). We’ve never gotten a fever or developed an infection. Our taste buds are back! We turned 72 years young back on the 22nd, got a new car for our birthday, and drove self around the block for the first time since August.

Our hair is making no attempts to grow back, but we are rocking new wigs like a rock star. Our back and hip pain can be excruciating, but we have strong meds so we’re good. Our blood factory stats/counts are right where they should be; hospital has released us back to our oncologist. We still have some months before we can: Go out into crowds, grocery shop, share hugs with loved ones, or retire our masks. (I can’t believe that, after hugging her every single week of every year of my life, I haven’t hugged my mom in three months. 😦 It sucks.)

And now for my embarrassment. I called myself taking a PICTURE of her, but somehow ended up making a VIDEO instead. *listen to that wind whistling between my ears* I present to you my mama, my foot, the lobby floor, the ceiling, valet parking, and my less than impressive “Oooooooh!”

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