One-Liner Wednesday — Characters say the darndest things.

My one-liner today is two sentences instead of one (sorry!), and leapt out at me from my Timehop yesterday in a brief post I'd blogged 4 years ago! Here is the post. Only another writer will get this: Was blazing through a chapter today when my main character abruptly told me he didn't like the… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Characters say the darndest things.

Independent Publishing and DMCA Abuse, or “How a Scammer Got My Book Blocked with Very Little Effort”

A must read. Writers, beware. Indie author Becca Mills’ awful experience with DMCA abuse and a nasty scammer. 😦

The Active Voice

Okay, I’ve got a story. It’s a sort of scary one. I think independent/self-publishing authors need to know about it, and telling it carefully and correctly is also important for my own situation, so I’m going to take my time and lay it all out in order.

Pressed for time? You can skip to the bottom for the TL;DR summation.

Becca Mills - Nolander - 333x500On Friday, February 27, 2015, I noticed that my bookmarked link to my first novel, Nolander, was yielding, “We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.” I went to my Amazon dashboard and discovered the book had been blocked.

In my spam folder, I discovered an email from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon’s self-publishing arm, informing me that someone had sent in a DMCA notice. In response, Amazon had summarily blocked Nolander from sale.

“DMCA” stands for “Digital Millennium Copyright Act.”…

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