Daughter Chronicles: Her grace always filled me with wonder.

When I saw the main promotional poster for new WGN TV series Underground this week, it took me aback. Not because of the show's subject matter (according to this review, Underground ain't the "same old, same old" and deserves a chance to shine), but because 1) the poster itself is artistically powerful to me, and… Continue reading Daughter Chronicles: Her grace always filled me with wonder.

One-Liner Wednesday — Channeling Maury Povich. LOL!

Watching the most up to date (I reckon) special on King Tut last month, from 2014, had me spellbound because haven't been keeping up. Five years or so ago, the usual rehash had bored me to tears and I'd bowed out indefinitely to give researchers time to come up with something new. Well, imagine my surprise… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Channeling Maury Povich. LOL!