One-Liner Wednesday — Don’t forget to use your “blinkers.”

"I was not put on this earth to stay in one lane." — Cindy of Pompano Beach, Florida. Fire investigator, Home cook, and cancer survivor, while a contestant on the cooking show "Cooks vs. Cons" (Food Network) If there was ever one sentence that sums me up better than any other, that has to be… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Don’t forget to use your “blinkers.”

[2/20/15][vids][images] Oahu, Hawai’i: Day 2.

Locations: The Polynesian Cultural Center and BYU, Laie, Oahu. Our journey along the coast to the PCC: Best friend Terri was driving. It was rainy and overcast all day but no less gorgeous, so we couldn't have cared less. I loved seemingly incongruous objects like light poles and metal signs in the same shot as the tropical landscape and… Continue reading [2/20/15][vids][images] Oahu, Hawai’i: Day 2.