One-Liner Wednesday — Don’t forget to use your “blinkers.”

Image: Laura-Bosley @ deviantART
Image: Laura-Bosley @ deviantART
“I was not put on this earth to stay in one lane.”
— Cindy of Pompano Beach, Florida. Fire investigator, Home cook, and cancer survivor, while a contestant on the cooking show “Cooks vs. Cons” (Food Network)

If there was ever one sentence that sums me up better than any other, that has to be it, y’all.

MY HATS (At present. Not even going to touch the ones I had as a kid.)
Fiction writer & critique group member
Freelance writer
Government document transcriber & technical writer
K-Pop enthusiast and fan club co-founder
Community & corporate newsletter editor
Foreign language student
Aspiring potter
Anime enthusiast
Comic book & graphic novel collector
Martial artist
Newbie soap maker

In the whole scheme of things and the short lives we have in comparison to other things in the cosmos, the old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” is irrelevant (and not even true a lot of the time). If traveling across and in more lanes makes you happy and content, go right ahead. Get it all in while you can.

Just don’t forget to use your blinkers.

Image: JoshuaWickett @ deviantART
Image: JoshuaWickett @ deviantART



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3 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — Don’t forget to use your “blinkers.””

    1. LOL, yeah. I usually juggle a few at a time and do a “round Robin” and I’ve found that it feels like something is missing if I don’t incorporate them all in my life here and there. Earlier in life no way in hell could I do it, you know, too much structured responsibility. But now I can spread responsibility around a bit so that it’s not so smothering, and actually try doing things I’ve never had time for but longed for. Also… this past summer 3 of my cousins suddenly died back to back, one was a little older than me (60s), one was my age (50s), and one was younger than me (40s), and I thought… I need to be effing happy, what am I doing, what am I waiting for, this ain’t cool. This ain’t cool.

      I still need to perfect the balance though, between doing what I want and doing what I have to… I think I’ve been TOO much of a big kid lately, heheh~ (wow, talking about a rambling reply) LOL


      1. It’s so important to be happy not only while we’re here, but while we can still function properly! Good for you, for taking the time. Best of luck with the balance, my dear. That’s a tough one, I know. 🙂

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