One-Liner Wednesday — Which wolf are you feeding these days?

Credit: WolfRoad @ deviantART
“Inside each of us, there’s these 2 wolves. The evil one, he lives on anger, envy, greed, resentment, and lies. And the good wolf, he lives on peace and love, humility, and truth. Now, these 2 wolves, they’re at war with each other, but only one can survive — the one you feed.”
— actor Clarke Peters on new WGN TV series Underground, Episode 4 “Firefly”

Just because you’re feeding the good wolf today doesn’t negate the fact that you fed the bad wolf yesterday. Of course we’re all going to feed our bad wolf sometimes — it’s called being human. BUT. Don’t use your good wolf like some kind of Catholic confessional.

Starve your bad wolf until it hollers. And then starve it some more.

A bad wolf can live on self-righteousness, too. It’s a fine line.

Don’t use your good wolf to let evil flourish around you. Give it the old college try, but one bite too many means my good wolf will bite back with no regrets.




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