Even in galaxies far, far away… writers be trippin’.

TUVOK: “That is an entirely implausible plot development. Captain Janeway would never behave in such an inhumane manner.” TOM PARIS: “This isn’t real life, Tuvok. It’s fiction. Don’t get so caught up in logic.” TUVOK: “Logic is an integral part of narrative structure. According to The Dictates of Poetics by T’Hain of Vulcan, a character’s… Continue reading Even in galaxies far, far away… writers be trippin’.

Soap on a rope.

(Originally posted on Writingscape V.2 on 3/21/2010) Say what you want about soap operas, but they can be good for study purposes. Watch enough of them, and you can soak up the writers’ thought processes and timing when it comes to using their elements. That said, daytime dramas also do infuriating things that make me… Continue reading Soap on a rope.