Even in galaxies far, far away… writers be trippin’.


TUVOK: “That is an entirely implausible plot development. Captain Janeway would never behave in such an inhumane manner.”

TOM PARIS: “This isn’t real life, Tuvok. It’s fiction. Don’t get so caught up in logic.”

TUVOK: “Logic is an integral part of narrative structure. According to The Dictates of Poetics by T’Hain of Vulcan, a character’s actions must flow inexorably from his or her established traits.”

PARIS: “Well, I don’t know about T’Hain, but I do know what makes an interesting story–and that’s unexpected plot twists.”

TUVOK, pissed off: “If you think I will allow you to turn this [novel] program into a parody, you are sorely mistaken.”

PARIS, in disbelief: “Are you saying that you’re going to finish it yourself?”

Be’LANNA walks up and interrupts, blessedly: “Eh… Artistic differences?”

From STAR TREK: VOYAGER (1997), Episode “Worst Case Scenario”, two Federation officers (a human and a Vulcan) saving the galaxy at warp speed AND arguing over a holo(graphic)-novel-in-progress that they are writing together. ROFLMAO

I apparently missed this episode back in the day. Thank God and the cosmos for reruns! 🙂

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