He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #8.

"Write what you’re fired up to write, even if it’s not what you’re 'supposed' to write or perhaps won’t sell as well. It won’t sell at all if it’s not written." — Allison Maruska in her blog post Where Writers Get Stuck: Drafting "Have have only two veins that work, and I know exactly where… Continue reading He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #8.

One-Liner Wednesday — Guilty as charged.

"You're stuck on the one day she died... instead of celebrating the 10,000 days she lived." — Dr. Phil, comforting a mother whose daughter died in 2009 in a car accident, 1/5/2016 I understand that there isn't a time limit on grief. But, the second I heard this ↑ from the TV as I was… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Guilty as charged.