He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #8.

“Write what you’re fired up to write, even if it’s not what you’re ‘supposed’ to write or perhaps won’t sell as well. It won’t sell at all if it’s not written.”

Allison Maruska in her blog post Where Writers Get Stuck: Drafting

“Have have only two veins that work, and I know exactly where they are. I can tell which one will be easiest for them to stick. Their names are Sasquatch and Mothman since they’re hard to find and there’s little evidence they exist.”

Delaney Rose in her The Gloria Sirens blog post 10 Ways My Life Has Changed Since I Was Diagnosed With A Primary Immune Deficiency

“My husband grabs my hand again, and kisses me on the cheek. He acts as a protective shield in situations like this. If he could fold me up into his luggage to transport me fully shielded from you and your gaze, your jutted jaw, your brief but unmistakable eye-rolls, he would. He just wants me to get there unscathed.”

Linda in her blog post An Open Letter To Thin People Who Feel Infringed On By Fat People On Airplanes

“I’ve deactivated Twitter, cancelled Amazon Prime, locked down Facebook (I have to maintain it for a volunteer organization I work for), and am returning to the simple life of a writer/blogger/reader. I miss my brain before Twitter and Facebook. I miss being able to sit with stillness.”

Michelle in her blog post Digging Out

“They save their own lives. It is up to the individuals to take what little I can offer and use it, or ignore it….They push through their own struggles to find themselves stronger on the other end. Don’t give me their success. Don’t take their hard earned work and put it on me.”

Susie Reynolds Reece in her blog post I Don’t Save Lives 

“There is nothing in the world more irretrievable than time. Nothing, whatsoever is as precious, as fleeting, and as ongoing as the turning of a clock.”

Ben Kimmel in his blog post From The Daddy Diaries: Time and A Few Memories

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi @ Unsplash.

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