One-Liner Wednesday — Eating my words.


Back in September of last year when the new iPhone 6 hit the streets and city sidewalks and stores were overrun with consumers in full orgasm, I said something to this effect on my Facebook page:

“If I evvvvvv-var wait in line like that to buy some new phone, I give y’all full permission to throw my ass into the nearest psych ward for such a time as you all see fit.”

The fact that I’m a Samsung person had absolutely nothing to do with it. Doesn’t matter what make or model, our lives are waaaaaay too short to waste precious time doing stuff like that.



I’ve just seen the limited edition Iron Man Galaxy 6 Edge that was made available only in China back in May and sold completely out. And… I would have pitched a tent on a sidewalk in the Himalayas for the chance to have one.

I’m so ashamed. 


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6 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — Eating my words.”

  1. 🙂 I am neither a big fan of Apple products (and having an outdated iPad doesn’t count) nor a big fan of waiting in the queue to get something. I got switched to Moto G recently but until then I was a big Samsung fan too.

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      1. I switched to it because I wanted a change.. It’s good and since its Android pretty much the same feature every where. But I do like the moto assist feature a lot and their migration tool too. Battery life is almost the same as Samsung.

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