He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #4.


“It has always been clear to me that the life of an artist runs counterproductive to a life of normalcy. If we let the craft take over, then the craft is magnificent and the normal structure of life suffers. Yes, I am saying I think my NaNo project is magnificent. I have no idea if I’m high on laptop fumes or it really is, but it makes me happy in an angsty sorta way.”

— blogger Joeyfully Stated in her post, I AM the Rock and Paper Beats Rock

“And until that occurs, we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, looking for new opportunities and facing each day as it comes. At least that is something that I can do.”

— blogger Suz Jones in her post, I hate not being able to fix things

“…let’s recall that our dreams are often the bedrock of our hopes, let’s try to dream beautifully and eyes wide-open…”

— blogger Mélanie in her blog post, Joyeuses fêtes! – Merry holidays!

8. Turning a deaf ear to gossip–where I used to think lending a listening ear was the right thing to do when someone tells me something, suddenly idle talk about other people’s lives started  to feel so draining that I found myself feeling frustrated over the loss of precious time. I would have rather invested my minutes in a siesta! So alongside minding the things I say, I also decided to become more mindful as to what I choose to hear.”

— blogger Alexis in her People, Places, and Perspectives post, In Honour of Life: Ten Personal Victories in 2014

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