[art] One Mc Forest… would you like fries with that?

Image credit: sarahillenberger.com
Art piece: “Mc Forest” Artist: sarahillenberger.com Photo: Ragnar Schmuck

Have you ever seen a piece of artwork that made you want to know its story?

This one hit me that way.

Artist Sarah Illenberger, based in Berlin, created the “Mc Forest” in 2008 for a Gestalten Verlag publication called Side Ways, a project where various artists were asked to contribute one image that made a comment about our ecology as we know it. This was Sarah’s way of illustrating the destructive deforestation strategies used by fast food chain McDonald’s in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Her creations in art, graphic design, and photography, using everyday items, are things of unusual beauty. My favorite pieces showcase her unique take on food.

You can see more of Sarah’s extensive works on her website HERE.

"Bamboo Aubergine"
“Bamboo Aubergine”

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