[world-building 101] Mechanos.

(originally posted 11/26/06, Writingscape V1.0) Greek mathematician and scientist Heron (also spelled Hero) of Alexandria, Egypt (10-70 AD) was a wonder. Here are my notes on some of the ancient marvels attributed to him. That a few of these things even existed did surprise me, and helped greatly when it came to building ancient worlds… Continue reading [world-building 101] Mechanos.

10 Tips on Writing Fiction

GREAT list. Pay attention, newbies and intermediates. This means you! (and me) Personally, my Muse doesn’t like #7, but She’ll just have to get over it because I’m putting my foot down. 🙂

Valerie Thomas, Author

Disclaimer: I am completely unqualified to write this. Under my own name, I’ve written one flash fiction and one novel (that isn’t even out yet). That being said, here are my own ten rules for writing (plus one bonus rule).

  1. Your first draft is never good. “But, what if—?” No, it’s not. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to edit.
  2. For every writing “rule” that’s been concocted, there is a successful author who violated it. This does not mean that author is you, and you would do well to heed those rules anyway.
  3. The value of words is extrinsic. Unless they tell an interesting story or make a good point, no one will care.
  4. Write the genres and subjects you enjoy reading, because a lot of the time you will be the only audience to your work. Also, if you don’t enjoy what you’re writing, odds are that will…

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