He Said, She Said: Bloggers/Columnists Edition #8.


“People who never swear are not to be trusted. Walkin around sayin, ‘Golly Gee Willikers!’ and whatnot. So offensive!”

— blogger Joeyfully Stated, in her post, I swallow my tough pills nervously

“But look, the whole idea of ‘breaking through’ is such a crock of shit. If you do nothing else, build a religion around this one fact. Beyond the ability to feed yourself, it doesn’t fucking matter if a million people love you or five people do. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 75. You cannot pollute your life with this fixation.”

— Polly (Heather Havrilesky) of New York Magazine‘s “Ask Polly” advice column, in response to reader question Should I Just Give Up on My Writing?

“We may not always agree with the reasons why we go to war, but those who serve their country and willingly put themselves in harm’s way for us deserve our respect, our appreciation, and on at least one day a year a little recognition for their dedication.”

— Norman Frampton in his Norm 2.0 blog post, Never Forget — Why We Wear The Poppy

“Just be your beautiful self.”

Paul Thomas Bell in his blog post, The Insecurity of Man


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