He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #7.


“The saying goes that time heals but that’s not quite true.  Time just makes it easier to deal with because you develop coping strategies as time goes on and the raw pain dulls to an ache that some days you might not even notice.”

Laura in her A Pict in PA blog post The Scab of Grief

“On any given day I can open the newspaper, turn on the radio or the television and words and pictures of the ugliness of the world consume me. However, the world keeps on turning.”

— blogger Suz Jones in her blog post And The World Keeps On Turning…

“Death, you are an impostor, you are a fraud. You have paralyzed me, you have paralyzed an entire species. I am sorry to inform you, that it is not longer working. I feared you for too long…not anymore. I finally realized that you are just a part of life and there is nothing to fear.”

— blogger and ex-smoker The Happy Quitter! in her blog post Dear Death~!

Speak Your Truth. This is the tagline for my website, and although I’ve come a long way, my truth is that I remain a work in progress. I am human, I am flawed, and in certain company, I still find it difficult to speak at all.”

— writer and blogger Stephanie Neighbour in her post Mommy Issues

“Learning new skills and building on our strengths equips us to cope with life’s challenges. At the same time, it allows us to continue to be our autistic selves. Fixing often has the goal of making autistic people indistinguishable from their nonautistic peers, creating the feeling of brokenness that I struggled with. Equipping, on the other hand, promotes acceptance and builds confidence by reducing day-to-day struggles and improving our quality of life.”

— from Musings of an Aspie blog post Acceptance as a Well Being Practice


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