He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition #5.


“Love wore Zerd’s stripes off, love caused Zerd a tail-ectomy, love took his feet, and eventually love buried Zerd under the begonias.”

— blogger Joeyfully Stated, about her daughter’s favorite toy in Compulsory Love Post

“Women can make ourselves absolutely miserable expecting men to be slightly larger versions of us. That is a misconception that can lead to a lot of craziness and misunderstandings. Why doesn’t he do these things this way?? Because he’s not female, he’s wonderfully and fearfully made in his own way, that’s why.”

— blogger insanitybytes22 in her post, Women are a different species…

“Judging people without knowing about them. We’ve all done it; all are guilty. So much of the time, we are looking at people for who they look like at first glance, shallowly feeling as if we know them. We know others don’t know us, or our situations, so why do we assume we know others? It is just a ridiculous notion.”

— blogger Jamie in her blog post, You Never Know

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