He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition.


“I often describe a first date as a combination of a job interview, riding a rollercoaster and a trip to the dentist. After all, sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it’s thrilling and sometimes it’s just downright painful.”

— blogger Paul Thomas Bell, in his post The First Date Effect


“Who among us is willing to pay the real cost of a right and beautiful world? The real cost is unselfishness; real caring; true cooperation and self-sacrifice—in short, less ego.”

— guest Sara Donna, on her Harsh Reality blog post, “A Realistic Approach to Saving the World


“For those of you who are on the same journey as I, let me reassure you, being an artist, a creative person is a lonely walk to the horizon. If you have set up a blog or a website to share your work, keep at it. With all the millions of people surfing the internet every moment, you can be sure, your work will strike a chord with someone somewhere. Hang on to your dream; it will come true. It may take a while, but it will come true.”

— blogger Bharti Athray, in her post Hang On To Your Dream


“Men are blamed for demeaning and sexualizing women but we can do it to ourselves just as easily.”

— blogger Susie Reece, in her post Inner Selfie Sunday: The Search For Perfection

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Bloggers Edition.”

  1. Hi Stephe, your blog is amazingly well designed. Thank you for sharing a small excerpt from my post with your readers. Glad you liked it. The quotes on your website and profound for writers and found much to start thinking and writing. Glad to have met.


    1. Hi, Bharti. 🙂 You’re welcome. I was motivated by the things you said in your post and I thought others would be, too. It’s nice to meet you, and thanks for your kind words.


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