Nowadays, there are no villages.

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I re-blogged Susie‘s post on the wrong blog, so I’m putting a link to it here the old-fashioned way.

Her guest post on Harsh Reality says everything I’ve felt for a long time.

I miss the days when we all talked to each other over a good beverage instead of at each other with all manner of keyboard clicking in the background (which means we’re not really listening, no matter how you spin it). I hate this era of “earning respect in order to get it” because that’s plain ass-backwards when it comes to starting off anything.

I hate how quickly people believe the worst of someone right off the bat rather than giving the benefit of the doubt until they know more. In fact, we humans these days seem to take great delight in seeing someone else fall or get bad-mouthed, and we teach our children to like it, too. Many conflicts pop off simply because someone didn’t hear correctly (i.e. was not listening). From squabbles between friends to fights between countries, many conflicts start because folks don’t want to listen. They want to be the only one who is right. God forbid anyone compromise, oh that just won’t do.

It used to take a village to raise a child. Nowadays, there are no villages.

What a shame you have to yell “fire!” if someone is trying to rob or kill you because that’s the only way folks will take a risk and get help.

Lost touch with our humanity… that’s exactly what we’ve done. JMHO.


HarsH ReaLiTy blog 7/6/2014: Guest Post – The You Vs Me of our Society


2 thoughts on “Nowadays, there are no villages.”

  1. Thank you! I’ve often wondered what would happen in a situation where I would need help. We are surrounded by “overlookers” and it is scary. I’m glad others have enjoyed my post and understood the feelings behind it as well.


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