[videos] Thursday potluck.

You know. Whatever caught my eye in the pantry this week, all dumped into one pot. Our first look at Supergirl.   The most amazing hotel rooms on the planet.   Thinks he's sneaky, but he ain't.   Ignorant pigs. (And I'm not talking about cops.) That is all.

[2/21/15][images] Oahu, Hawai’i: Day 3.

Location: Hotel Equus, Honolulu, and Kualoa Ranch, Kahaluu, HI. Saturday belongs to my best friend Terri because I woke up fatigued and under the weather and had to spend the day vegging out in our hotel room. My body was not having anything to do with paradise that day, end of. (Seriously, under the weather in Hawai'i?… Continue reading [2/21/15][images] Oahu, Hawai’i: Day 3.