[2/21/15][images] Oahu, Hawai’i: Day 3.

Location: Hotel Equus, Honolulu, and Kualoa Ranch, Kahaluu, HI.

Saturday belongs to my best friend Terri because I woke up fatigued and under the weather and had to spend the day vegging out in our hotel room. My body was not having anything to do with paradise that day, end of. (Seriously, under the weather in Hawai’i? Who does that?) o_O

I amused myself with snapping pictures of the gorgeous scenery from our window and our hotel balcony, and had a good time taking in the television programming, which had many international channels that we don’t get in the States.


Meanwhile, Terri drove out to the Kualoa Ranch and went on the several hours of tours that awaited her. On horseback, she saw sites such as Mokoli’i Island (formerly known as the Chinaman’s Hat), lots of mountains, valleys, Tiki, and native vegetation and the places where Jurassic Park, Godzilla, LOST, and other movies and TV series have been filmed since the 1950s.

She hadn’t been on a horse for a long time, but it was like riding a bicycle—it comes back to you. Her horse was pretty cooperative, though she’d been warned by the guides that at times he did meander and do his own thing. (I say that’s fine and dandy, so long as he doesn’t do it over a cliff.)

Very cool!







Thanks for letting me share another day of my trip of a lifetime with you, friends.

Nope, not done yet. More to come. (I warned y’all that my newbie self went waaaaay overboard when it came to taking pictures. Lol~) Laters!

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