One-Liner Wednesday: Santa Cause.

Picture it — the middle of December, me and the 5-year-old grandson watching the Nick Jr. channel on TV when a commercial about upcoming kid shows appears. Santa Claus is in it. And Santa accidentally (on purpose) lets out a fart. Not a small one. A huge, rolling, rip-roaring, red-suited fart. (horrified and in unison) Me:… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday: Santa Cause.

Daughter Chronicles: “Do you want me to put him back IN?”

Happy Birthday to my dear father today! ❤ (no, really! it's true) My Grandma tried everything she could think of to stop Dad from coming on April Fools Day. Dad was bound and determined. Nothing worked, LOL~ She was in tears of horror when the doctor handed him to her, until the frustrated doc threatened… Continue reading Daughter Chronicles: “Do you want me to put him back IN?”