Romantic poppies

Makes my heart happy just looking at this journal. It’s my first time seeing Long Stitch binding as well. Gorgeous. 🙂


This is one of the few projects where I have used the Long Stitch Binding method. It was appropriate for the style and the vibe I was trying to give this particular notebook.

You can find this notebook in my Etsy shop, together with several other notebooks.

Thank you for dropping by.

See you next time!

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DIY: The Butterfly

I live, live, LIVE for craft projects, and now y’all know it. 🙂


Today I’ll let you in on a little secret. 😉 I will show you how I make my butterfly notebooks. This is my first tutorial so I will ask you to be patient with me and hopefully all this will make sense. 😀

The idea of this tutorial was sparked by Juni, my beautiful Australian fan. Juni is writing a book about writing and my tutorial will be part of it together with several other pictures from my already finished notebooks. I would like to take advantage of this occasion and thank Juni for the beautiful opportunity of being part of her book.

So let’s get started.


Paper: I like to use a lot of recycled materials, old notebooks, old books, paper for letters, basically anything that I find nice. I do of course also use regular print paper for the classic look so do not feel stressed if you can’t…

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