Cloverfield! (no real spoilers)

(Originally posted on 2/17/2008 on Writingscape V2.0) Cloverfield isn’t really a monster movie. Oh, it has an awesome monster, just what I (a connoisseur of movie monstrosities) wanted to see. Loved it! Eye candy for moi. But the story isn’t about Said Monster, as much as it is about a few young people (douche bag… Continue reading Cloverfield! (no real spoilers)

You are how you sleep? (And what about your characters?)

(originally posted 1/27/07, Writingscape V1.0) I came across a LADIES’ HOME JOURNAL article in the oncologist’s office by Sara J. Welch, about how each of the four basic sleep positions corresponds to a personality type, according to Dr. Samuel Dunkell M.D., who’s been studying the subject for some 40 years. Here’s a quick run-down: Royal position–sleeping… Continue reading You are how you sleep? (And what about your characters?)