You are how you sleep? (And what about your characters?)


(originally posted 1/27/07, Writingscape V1.0)

I came across a LADIES’ HOME JOURNAL article in the oncologist’s office by Sara J. Welch, about how each of the four basic sleep positions corresponds to a personality type, according to Dr. Samuel Dunkell M.D., who’s been studying the subject for some 40 years. Here’s a quick run-down:

Royal position–sleeping on your back. Such a person is comfortable with themselves, confident. You assume everything is coming to you, as a king does.

Semi-fetal position–sleeping on your side. You are centered, emotionally and socially secure.

Prone position–sleeping on your stomach. You are–and like to be–in complete control of things. You do all things hands-on, full out, face to face.

Full fetal position–sleeping curled in a ball. You are wrapped up in yourself. Cautious. Sensitive. Introspective.

Do you know how your main character(s) sleep? And do they fit the bill? My epic fantasy protagonists do (a royal and a prone), and I didn’t consciously plan it that way, yet it all fits in with how they handle their everyday situations. Kinda cool, kinda spooky.

There are times when I absolutely adore my Muse.

Credit: natazsek @deviantART
Credit: natazsek @deviantART

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