[prompts][SoC] When a second isn’t a second.

Image credit: Heather Zabriskie @ Unsplash
Image credit: Heather Zabriskie @ Unsplash

One second is a pretty teeny tiny amount of time. Blink, and it’s already gone by. Except when you’re in pain, in which case one second is a long, long time.

Doesn’t matter if it’s mental pain or physical pain. In the span of a second, neither is more painful than the other. They are equally punishing and high on the Richter scale. And that awful hurt never seems to end.

Arthritis. Diabetes. Clinical depression. Learning disorders. Balancing on the autism scale. Pain is a given when you’re living with these. Some people would say that just being a part of society means that pain and punishment are a given. I must agree. There’s always something that you don’t do right according to somebody, always something that you could do better or that you could do just like them and that would make you acceptable in their eyes. One second of knowing that someone wishes you were someone or something else instead of who you truly are is just as painful as one second of that person’s fist smashing into your face instead.

Why don’t people understand this? Don’t they have their own pain to refer back to?

On television in the 70s and 80s, the second was the smallest span of time during every sporting event on the planet. As athletes and cars and things got faster, time clocks expanded to include milliseconds, and now we’ve got microseconds, nanoseconds, picoseconds, jiffies and shakes, which all make the original second look amazingly slow.

I’m here to tell you they’re right.




SoC Saturday prompt “Second” brought to you by Linda G. Hill






July 23 prompt “Punishment” brought to you by The Daily Post

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