[photography] There’s a story in every Jaewoon U reflected landscape.

All images credited to Jaewoon U / Dyne999 @500px. Source: iso.500px.com

Starting off Tuesday with some quiet beauty…

I cannot believe the eye for composition and reflection Seoul photographer Jaewoon U has. He’s earned his huge following (14,000 +) and massive amount of views (4.3 M +) on 500px, no question. If ever there were landscapes with stories of every genre buried in them, his phenomenal images are it. (Water can secretly harbor both danger and salvation just beneath its surface, after all. And who’s to say which is reality and which is the reflection?)

I’m gonna go brew myself a cuppa hot chai, come back to my laptop and kick my feet up, immerse myself in Jaewoon’s 500px page (126 images total) and let inspiration come if it chooses.

A few of my favs…








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