[art] Don’t See That Everyday: A Photoshop master and his mind-bending work.

"Set them free" (2012). Image credit: Erik Johansson Photography
“Set them free” (2012). Image credit: Erik Johansson Photography

If I didn’t believe in magic (I do), I certainly would after seeing German photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson’s mind-warping talent. When reality and the imaginary come crashing together, this is what you get. No CGI or stock photos here, only the many complex layers of Erik’s own photographs in each image and his ability to make each one look like a single snapshot.

Let me tell you something else — his creative process is as amazing as his results.

Here are my favorites from his stunning collection.

“Cut & Fold” (2012)


The making of “Cut & Fold.”

“Drifting Away” (2013)

download (1)

The making of “Drifting Away.”

“Landfall” (2014)


The making of “Landfall.”

“The Cover up” (2013)

download (2)

“Arms break, vases don’t” (2008)


“Fishy Island” (2009)

download (3)

“Go your own road” (2008)

download (4)

“Iron Man” (2008)

download (5)

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