[spoilers] Bullet points: If Loving You Is Wrong, S.2, 3rd episode (113).

Brad’s not handling his wife’s cheating well. Image credit: Oprah.com
 “Fatherless Boys”

• I LMAO when Brad went bulldozing into Randal’s house and the negro had left the building. Smart move, “friend”. Of course, your boat is paying the price.

• The next morning after the Shot Heard ‘Round the Neighborhood, the conversation between Kelly’s son and Brad and Alex’s kids at the breakfast table was heartbreaking, and only goes to show you that kids know a hell of a lot more than you think they do, and they are resilient, and survivors. Paisley and Peter know what’s going on, they’re not stupid. Poor, poor babies.

• Joey in that suit! Jesus! ❤


• How many of us could identify with Nat when she broke down over the tie and apologized to Joey for picking the man she did for his father? I mean, that hit me way down deep and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

• In other news, Officer Eddie’s still a fool. LMAO~


• Ms. Marcie strolled into that bank looking good, didn’t she? Now, that’s how you roll after unloading a ton of dead weight in the form of a man, sistah.

• What the— ? “elitist Indonesian high horse”? In other news, Officer Eddie’s still a fool! ROFL~

• Sorry, I am not buying Travis’ mommy’s abrupt about-face and apology to Kelly. Oh, hell naw. Something ain’t smelling right, there.

• Poor little Justice. Shouldn’t the kid have had the “birds and the bees” talk a little bit before the “your mom and I didn’t make you” talk, so that he at least understood what “make” means? You know, the kids in this town need to rise up against these adults who have no sense and just take the place over. They’d be a lot better off. Get your life, kids! Ugh.


• Wait a minute. Wait a minute. *rewinding Randal walking up the street from the store and entering his kicked-in front door* First of all, why is Randal strolling back home with a paper sack of home necessities as if he lives right next to a Kroger? The neighborhood kids are home from school, so it’s at least 3 PM, and last we saw, he flew the coop last night after all the craziness. But he’s strolling up like nothing happened and he hasn’t been anywhere. And why isn’t he driving? His driveway’s on the opposite side of where he’s walking… *hitting play* He’s seeing his kicked-in door for the first time, at 3 PM. So where’s he been, then, walking? *pause* So, Brad’s been chopping on Randal’s prized boat with that ax all night and all day, waiting for dude to come back home, huh. And so the two start fisticuffs with a gun and an ax within range. I could enjoy the backyard brawl better if the timeline leading up to it wasn’t so weird. *cringing as I press play!*


• Well, looks like I was wrong last week. Looks like no one got hit when the gun went off, although they’re trying to make us think Randal was because he’s nowhere in the previews for next week. But. His head was not in the line of fire at the end of this episode.

• Oh, no, that poor lady who keeps being the one to call 9-1-1 is going to get stupid Essie on the phone again. LOL!

Line of the night: Goes to Kelly, ha ha. When Travis tried to kiss her, failed miserably, and said sadly, “Closed mouth, eyes wide open”, she came back on him quick with a “Closed legs, eyes wide open.” And he deserved it. Get the hell out of her house, dude!

(screen captures by me)

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If Loving You Is Wrong


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