[spoilers] Bullet points: If Loving You Is Wrong, S.2, 2nd episode (112).

Oh, Lord… here we go!

Officer Edward’s got issues. Image credit: Oprah.com

• Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. You are so living on borrowed time. Your ass got lucky when the “Cartel” didn’t take you out for illegally messing with one of theirs last season. You keep on pushing that envelope, ya hear? And sooner or later, Espe’s going to be visiting you either in the Big House or the cemetery. Doofus.

Image credit: Oprah.com

• “Alex is our girl. No matter what, we’re all in this together.” Really, Nat? Really, Espe? LMAO! Neither one of you would be saying that if Randal was your man. You’d be riding Alex out of town on a rail, especially you, Nat. You’d be bringing the hood to Alex as we speak. Is Kelly the only one with any sense in your circle? *clutching the damn pearls* I’m not saying y’all should have kicked her when she was down, but that kumbaya-group-hug moment that Kelly was forced to go along with made me throw up in my mouth. Ick.

• Do not take Travis back, Kelly. Don’t you do it! He comes skulking down the street, claiming he’s made bad decisions and he’s just trying to grow up, trying to be a man. If you take him back, you’ll be living with him making bad decisions and trying to grow up for the rest of your natural life, and you’ll deserve it. Oh, he’s cute and all, a real dish, but you can find cute at the CVS. Come on, now, don’t let him sway you. Jasmine Guy ain’t having that anyway, gurl. (Or is she? WTH?)

Image credit: Oprah.com

• Poor Brad. Just don’t do anything stupid and go to jail because of that heifer. (Did y’all see how Brad snapped out of his funk with a quickness when Eddie started talking about burning houses down to deal with a cheating wife? How in the heck are these two even friends? If any friend of mine said something like that with even half the seriousness Eddie used, I’d be looking for ways to cut that cord on the sly, ugh. LMAO)

• Speaking of Officer Eddie (yet again)… how hopeless is this man? He’s got to be the worse thing to happen to a U.S. neighborhood since concrete medians. “You gonna get your revenge and start that fire? You need a rope? Oh, okay, here’s my gun. You handle your bidnez.” To hell with law and order, or not helping your friend spend life in prison for Murder 1, I guess. *dumbfounded*


• Alex: “Brad, please! I’m sorry! Please say something. Look at me. Why won’t you talk to me?” Because he’s trying to not take your head off, fool! Let him pack in peace! O_o

Image credit: Oprah.com

Line of the night: Goes to Brad, as he verbally dragged answers out of cheating wife Alex. “Is he bigger than me?” he asked with a matter-of-fact expression.

(And do you know Alex was stupid enough to say yes? The one time you should have lied, you didn’t? What is this chick smoking?)

• Uh-oh. We’ve got a gunshot next door at Randal’s place in the scenes for next Tuesday. Hopefully, it won’t be the middle of THE NEXT SEASON before we find out if anyone’s hit (yes, that’s a direct jab at the ridiculous pacing of The Haves And The Have Nots, which I’ve dropped like a hot potato). My guess is that Alex will be catching the bullet, but only time will tell. Could be anyone. Or no one. But her catching it would cause the best conflict, with Brad and Randal fighting over who’s going to be by her side and all that mess.

Until next week, y’all!

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If Loving You Is Wrong


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