[spoilers] Bullet points: If Loving You Is Wrong, S. 2, 1st episode (111).

Let’s get right to it!

Esperanza. Image credit: Oprah.com
“The Lady Next Door”

• Would a real 9-1-1 operator call a neighbor she knows and tell him to go over and knock on the door of another neighbor where a domestic disturbance has been called in? Seriously? I can see a worried Esperanza calling Brad to make him aware that the police are on their way and that something’s going on next door to his house, and to wait until they get there or whatever, but come on, have Brad (or any other person, for that matter) walk into a domestic where they might end up physically hurt? What if a gun had been involved? Yeah, send Brad next door to get shot? How long has Espe had this job? She seems stupid and hell-a-untrained.

1344241493746_1674506Yeah, everyone in their circle are friends, but so what? People that you’ve known all your life can snap. She should know that from all the 9-1-1 calls she’s taken. Heck, for all she knew, it could have been a home invasion at Randal and Marcie’s, but there she was, taking precious seconds and acting like the caller didn’t know what she was talking about and not believing the woman. “You must be wrong, it can’t be that house.” *eye roll*

Truthfully, I know why Espe did that foolishness, haha. Because the script needed Brad going up to Randal and Marcie’s door so that Kelly and hopefully we viewers out here would be in suspense (Marcie might have told Brad about Randal and Alex’s affair straight out). Didn’t work for me because of that bad, forced writing. Ugh.

• I began watching ILYIW because I’ve missed Aiden Turner (since AMC went off the air), so looking at poor “Brad” pisses me off. He ain’t perfect, but he deserves better than that ho.

• I want to pound Randal into the ground like a railroad spike. Desperation is so unattractive, dude. Who puts runs their hand down the party hostess’ butt in a room full of people? Just… yuck. Why anyone wants you, I don’t know.

• Alex is one of stupidest cheaters I’ve ever seen! What do you mean, “Brad can’t find out?” He’s sure as hell gonna know when your baby comes out with an Afro or a Jheri curl without the kit. LMAO~

Alex and hubby Brad. Image credit: Oprah.com
Alex and lover/married next door neighbor Randal. Image credit: Oprah.com

• In real life, everyone doesn’t say “What?” or “What did you say?” every single time they hear something shocking or the truth. Sometimes, folks just pop off. Sometimes, they hear it the first time. Lawd, I hope this improves as this season continues.

• “Next door” means next door, not two houses down. And. unless Marcie and Randal live at the end of a street, there is another house on the other side of them, too. The fact that folks immediately concluded that Kelly was “the bitch next door” Randal was cheating with was a stretch at best. (that darned script, again, we are a slave to it)

• LOVED Marcie showing up hammered and giving Brad a birthday “gift.” Yes! My favorite moment of the episode, chile. LOVED Brad going into Ali/Frazier mode when he finally saw the light about his nasty ass “best” friend. Dude was boxing, throwing uppercuts, heheh! Ahhh, the satisfaction. All I needed was a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke. LOL~

Line of the night: That goes to our favorite dysfunctional poh-liceman, Eddie, when he sat back in that chair and smugly said to Espe, “Two plus two equals four ’round hyuh.” ROFL! Sounding like Eric Cartman. I busted a gut!

Until next week, y’all!

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If Loving You Is Wrong


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