Grandma Chronicles: My little butterbean takes control (for a few seconds).



You know your sneaky 2-year-old grandson has been exploring your phone behind your back when, one day, you stumble across these pictures in your mobile gallery.

And when, one day, he doesn’t want you coming too close to him because you’ll catch him in the act. Seriously? LOL

Well, because the look on his face is so precious whenever he accomplishes something, I decided to make an honest butterbean out of him and let him snap a selfie with me. That’s right, I put control of my Galaxy Mega in his little hands.

For my trouble, I got shafted. Before I knew it, he’d taken 4 selfies in rapid succession and was quite pleased with himself — while I was still trying to get his hair out of my face and center us in the picture.

I looked like a photo-bomb FAIL. *shrug* It is what it is. LOL ❤


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