Throwback Thursday: Dolby Full Logic cassette decks were all the rage.

Image credit: camelfobia @deviantART

My father has always been known for keeping his cars LONG past their expiration dates. So long as the engine still turns over in the morning, he’s in that relationship for the long haul.

The results have been interesting, to say the least.

I recall having to borrow his car for work back in the mid-90s (a 4-door Oldsmobile Delta 88 or some such), and having to go in the passenger door because the driver’s side wouldn’t open. You had to crank the steering wheel around with all of your strength because the power steering was shot, and it rocked back and forth on its chassis like a chuck wagon because of the damage to its shocks. It took an old woman ramming into him at an intersection and totaling the thing for him to finally decide to get a new car.

These days, he still has his 1998 and his 2002 Hyundai Elantras. And they both have…

Dolby cassette tape players! LOL


They’re just waitin’ for the brother and me to haul our Maxell audio cassette stash out of storage and shove one in. 🙂

Image credit: AbsurdWordPreferred @deviantART


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