The Thief

WOW. Nice! 🙂

Short...but not always so sweet 💋

I’ve misplaced it
My most prized possession
As is its wont
Stole it away from me
When I wasn’t paying attention.

I thought it would be mine
To do with as I pleased.
How many times
Have I wasted it
Flaunted it,
Acted as though it were mine to keep forever?

Each year, something new stolen.
First, my body, the sinews all slackened,
My ego depleted
My energy sapped
All disposed of in rapid succession.
Now, I just wish to sleep ~

I used to be the pride of my clan
Everyone jumped when I roared
I was king
But now…
The me that used to be
Has slowly and surreptitiously disappeared.

Featured photo: “Male Lion Sleeping” by Nomadic Lass.

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