[ATL bomb scare] Don’t screw people while proving a point.

/rant Yes, the strange pipe bomb-looking packages duck-taped all around town Monday turned out to only be cameras for a college student's art project, but good God, does anybody ever think things through before they do them? Do your projects. Get that A+. Be creative. Or show the activist in you. Save the whales. Protest the government,… Continue reading [ATL bomb scare] Don’t screw people while proving a point.

Soap on a rope.

(Originally posted on Writingscape V.2 on 3/21/2010) Say what you want about soap operas, but they can be good for study purposes. Watch enough of them, and you can soak up the writers’ thought processes and timing when it comes to using their elements. That said, daytime dramas also do infuriating things that make me… Continue reading Soap on a rope.