One-Liner Wednesday — I closed my laptop and opted out.

This past Sunday, I watched the Interstellar (2014) Blu-ray that I'd borrowed from my son. He'd been saying how phenomenal it was and how it would get me way down deep, so I couldn't resist. (He isn't one to praise movies easily.) Turns out he was right. The viewer in me (simply in it for a… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — I closed my laptop and opted out.

One-Liner Wednesday — Have mercy!

I vaguely remember thinking something to this effect after an attempt at a second IV during the second day of my hospital stay back in July. I had one fuggly bruise. Arghhhh. >_< "Even if a man's thing is crooked, he should pee straight." — Gangster boss Doo Chul, traumatized after enduring his pitiful, incompetent… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Have mercy!