The Teaser Trailer that Threatens Terror

Oh, gosh — “13 Stories” is on like Donkey Kong and I’ve missed a few. Horrors! *rectifying that situation*


Nah, it’s probably not that scary, right? If you’re a lover of scary stories, here’s a teaser trailer for 2014’s 13 Stories ‘Til Halloween:

I’m pretty excited for this year’s stories. Really lookin forward to bitin off all my cuticles and peein my pants! Of course, I’ll be readin with my blanket, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS in the daylight!

Look, a cute seasonal meme! Not scary at all!


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If Asian Horror were a man, I’d marry it.

(Originally posted on Writingscape V1.0 on 3/9/2008) I’ve been having a love affair with Asian horror (Korean, Japanese, and Thai, in particular) for nigh on a year now. Why, you wonder? Let me count the ways. No one is a ghost just for the sake of being a ghost. Plots are woven around subtle issues,… Continue reading If Asian Horror were a man, I’d marry it.