Do I really live on THIS planet?

Alton Sterling's death by cop: WRONG Philandro Castile's death by cop: WRONG 11 DPD officers shot (5 of them killed) escorting peaceful protesters: WRONG Doesn't matter how you spin it, so don't bother. I could already barely think straight because of the horror that was done to Sterling and Castile, and now all of these… Continue reading Do I really live on THIS planet?

There was a Japanese family who lived in a milk carton.

  There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, but there is a Japanese family who lives in a milk carton right now! If you're ever in Japan and want to see for yourself, just head to Mirasaka, a quaint, quiet country town that's about an hour and a half from Hiroshima Station by car. After driving… Continue reading There was a Japanese family who lived in a milk carton.