One-Liner Wednesday — You can move mountains.

An 11-year-old child is taken and forced into child prostitution. When she's 13, her abusive pimp also begins having sex with her himself. At 17, she manages to kill the monster and escape. On what planet would this child be thrown into prison without the possibility of parole for her "crime"? Oh, yeah. On this one. :/… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — You can move mountains.

One-Liner Wednesday — Mine is more like a Wonkavator.

"The only time machine we have in this life is the one we were born in, and it only goes forward." -- Dr. Leanne Rorish, Code Black episode 3, "Pre-Existing Conditions" Personally, mine is more like a Wonka-vator, Doc. (sometimes it feels like I'm going sideways and slant-ways and longways and back-ways and square-ways and… Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday — Mine is more like a Wonkavator.